Petanque Federation of Australia (PFA) is committed to supporting the development of Coaches at the club, state league and national levels.

PFA is committed to developing and maintaining the highest standards of sports and business governance.  This commitment is consistent with its goal of recognition as a National Sporting Organisation and meeting the ASC Sporting Governance Guidelines. Policies, rules, regulations, procedures, forms, guides and/or tools have been developed to guide the accredited coaches of member clubs and state leagues, in the training and development of players of the sport of petanque.

​PFA has created a learning pathway for coaches in our sport. Coaches will learn the skills and gain the knowledge required to perform the roles of Club Coach, State Coach and National Coach.

PFA, through the Coaching Commission, will conduct development programs and coaching sessions to develop coaches’ knowledge and understanding of the playing skills, strategies and techniques of the sport.  Coaches will learn to conduct training and coaching sessions to ensure the development of playing skills from beginner through to the representative player.

Programs are available to develop coaches at the club level, at the state level and at the national level.

A Coach’s Philosophy

1          Be trustworthy

•          Treat others with dignity and respect

•          Be dependable

•          Be a competent and reliable teammate or coach

•          Exhibit self-discipline and self-control

2          Know what you want and pursue it with purpose, dedication and passion

•          Be connected with a set of values and beliefs that drive your behaviour

•          Have a strong sense of purpose to inspire

•          Strive always to improve

•          Be positive and optimistic

•          Focus only on what you can control

•          Always encourage and compliment

3          Be mentally tough and focused

•          Demonstrate perseverance and resilience

•          Learn from mistakes

•          Maintain composure and concentration despite adversity

4         Make everyone around you better

•          Value each and player

•          Listen attentively

•          Demonstrate empathy

•          Hold yourself accountable

Becoming a PFA Accredited Coach

PFA has created a development pathway for coaches in the sport of petanque in Australia.  The pathway will be supported by a series of development opportunities including workshops, tools and mentoring programs.

The purpose of this initiative is to ensure that the sport at every level meets the Australian Sports Commission's Sports Governance Principles and the standards set by FIPJP and CIEP.

PFA will strive to support coaches at the club, state league and national level to understand and develop competence in their role.

PFA defines coaches as follows:

Level 1 – able to Coach at the club or junior level

Level 2 – able to coach at State level

Level 3 – able to coach at National, and possibly, International level

International levels 1,2 and 3 are available through CIEP, the international training centre.

For opportunities to qualify as a PFA Coach, contact your club, State Manager of Coaching or the National Manager of Coaching.

For a list of Current Coaches see this page. 


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