PFA is involved with several International Tournaments - FIPJP Championships, Oceania Confederation Championships and Trans Tasman Championships. We regularly take part in other tournaments involving overseas teams such as the Pan Pacific championships and some hosted by Australian Clubs.

PFA also runs its own National Championships, four Events - Singles, Mixed Doubles, Doubles and Triples - across four Divisions - Open, Women's, Open 60+ and Women's 60+.  These are run at Easter each year and hosted by a Club that has bid for the event for a three-year period.  In addition, PFA runs an annual Shooting Competition. These competitions are individual-based.

PFA also runs a State-based competition - the Interstate Challenge - again at a Club that bids for the event on an annual basis to find the best State in the country.

Australian Championships





Note that the results for all the qualifying rounds for 2024, 2023 and 2022 are available at

Event Open Women's.                         Open 60+  Women's 60+ Juniors
Shooting Kieran Clarke  Chantrae Oum  Chhorn Thou Kerrie Maddern/ Delys Brady Tristan Boisezzon
Singles Bora Nhem Layla Amrizal  Faustino Cardoso Eileen Marie  
Sarunyoo (Sam) Tharerum and Raja Jamal Eddine
Hina Vert and Selina Dally
Sary In and Patrick Dufresne
June Hunter and Rhonda Shears
Raja Jamal Eddine, Sachin (Sai) Teeka and Sarunyoo (Sam) Tharerum
Hina Vert, Selina Dally and Deb Rodda
Pierrot Lubin, Sary In and Patrick Dufresne
Deb Coleman, Valerie Sherlock and Anne Lucas
Mixed Doubles Penelope Lyons and Bora Nhem   Wendy Benson and Ray Drummond    


Winners in Principale and Complementaire




For videos of some Finals check out our Facebook Page.

Also available on our Youtube channel. These are amateur videos shot by PFA members on mobile phones.

Open Singles    

Women's Singles   Part 1Part 2

Open Doubles 

Open Triples Final

Open Triples - Quarter Final

Womens Doubles

Women's 60+ Doubles

Womens 60+ Triples


Note that the results for all the qualifying rounds for 2023 and 2022 are available at

Event Open Women's.                         Open 60+  Women's 60+ Juniors
Shooting Men: Sarunyoo (Sam) Tharerum May Ratana Men: Pierrot Lubin No award Tristan Boisezzon
Singles Sarunyoo (Sam) Tharerum May Ratana     Sary In Kerrie Maddern  
Doubles Kierran Clarke and Raja Jamal Eddine Wendy Bensen and Haejung Jang Guy Detot and Axel Monneron Judy Whiteaker and Lynda Rousse  
Triples Sachin (Sai) Teeka, Hansathit (Karamae) Worachart and Sarunyoo (Sam) Tharerum Deb Rodda, Wendy Bensen and Catherine Ayre Dominique Pierre, Alain Rousse and Dirk Seret Marie Anne Kerjean, Josephine Jimenez and Robyn Ryan  
Mixed Doubles Ratana May and Jessen Soomary   Sary In and Prak Seap    

For detailed results see this page.




Click on the Image to see the full game. (The first one is the 60+ Womens SINGLES)  


The winners of the 12 finals were :

Event Open Women's.                         Open 60+  Women's 60+ Juniors
Shooting Men: Frederic Vencatasamy May Ratana Men: Sary In   Khrishika Ramjuttun
Singles Kieran Clarke Sue Begley  Pierrot Lubin      Marie Anne Kerjean    
Doubles Michael Lacase/Eric Leconte Ratana May/Tharerum Pacharapat Alain Rousse/Jean Paul Bouyer Rhonda Shears/June Hunter  
Triples Gavin Scott/Van Tai Nguyen/Harold Dercy Giselle Whiteaker/Wendy Bensen/Judy Whiteaker Martial Leconte/Guy Mercier/Sary In Jennifer Cuthbert/Catherine Crichton/Victoria O'Connor  

See this page for all the results including the qualifying rankings



In 2021 for the first time, the host Club Novar Gardens PC were able to organise four of the finals to be videoed.  Our sincere thanks to Novar Gardens and their Producer Andrew Johnston Video Production.

You can watch these videos by clicking on the relevant image below.  If you want the full impact click on the little square at the bottom RHS of the screen to go to full screen.

Open Singles

Open 60+ Doubles

Open Triples

Women's 60+ Triples

The winners of the 12 finals were :

Event Open Women's.                         Open 60+  Women's 60+
Singles Lionel Chazal, ESP, SA Selena Dally, ESP, SA Sary In, St Kilda, Vic Judy Whiteaker, Hobart, Tas.   
Doubles Jessen Soomary and Frederic Vencatasamy, Dove, Vic Deb Rodda and Selina Dally, ESP, SA Trevor Keilar and Glenn Bovell, Grampians, Vic Kate Mangan, Camberwell, Vic  and June Hunter Mt Macedon, Vic
Triples Frederic Vencatasamy, Dove, Vic, Nuvish Atchamah, La Maison de France Petanque, WA and May Ratana, Dove, Vic  Deb Rodda, Selina Dally ESP, SA and Kimberly Broadbridge, Boules Artists, NSW Trevor Keilar, Tim Shaw and Glenn Bovell, Grampians, Vic Kerrie Maddern, St Kilda Vic, June Hunter, Mt Macedon, Vic and Agnelle Edouard AMA, NSW




Due to COVID the 2020 Championships were not held



Event Open Women's.                         Open 60+  Women's 60+
Singles Frederic Vencatasamy, VIC HIna Vert, WA Sary In, St Kilda, Vic Judy Whiteaker,  Tas
Doubles Lionel Chazal, SA and Michael Lacase,  Vic Ratana May, VIC and Chantra Oum, VIC Rick Hebblethwaite and Ken Field, VIC Rosyln Allen and Andrea Bowles, VIC
Triples Jessen Soomary VIC, Denis Masson, VIC and Sebastien Edouard, Vic Deb Rodda, Selina Dally, and Wendy Bensen, SA ? Rhonda Shears, Alison Kinghorn and Jennifer Cuthbert, VIC


Shooting Competition

The 2021 winners were:

Men: Gerard Berton NSW

Men 60+: Anton Weiland WA

Women: Haejung Jang NSW

Women 60+: Monique Tournier WA

Junior:. Reece Leggo WA

The 2020 winners were:

Men: Lionel Chazal SA

Men 60+: Sari In VIC

Women: Min Kuam Lim, VIC

Women 60+: Robin Ryan, NSW

Junior: Calum Smith, ACT

The 2019 winners were:

Men:  Lionel Chazal

Men 60+:  


Women 60+:  




Interstate Challenge

For a history of results from the Interstate Challenge download this document

The event was held again in September 2023. Winners were Victoria. See the News section for details.


International Championships


Trans Tasman

For a history of results from the competition between Australia and New Zealand download this document.  New Zealand won both Divisions in Auckland in March 2023. Australia won both Divisions in 2024 at Subiaco Petanque Club in Perth.



Held on September 27/28 2022 in Tahiti. Australia did well but didn't win any medals.  We did however beat New Zealand in the Mens meaning we qualify for the World Mens Triples in France in 2024.

In 2023, the Oceania was held in New Caledonia. Australia won 4 medals.  See the News section for more details


World Championships

For a history (incomplete) of Australia's performance at World Championships download this Excel document.



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