PFA Policies and Procedures

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PFA Constitution 2017

PFA Strategic Plan 2022

PFA Annual Reports

Insurance Policies

Our Insurance  Brokers have created a website that contains all our Policies

and useful information about coverage, etc.

Also available here:

Insurance Policies Summary Clubs 2024

Insurance Policies Summary Officials, Coaches, Volunteers 2024

Insurance Policies Summary Individual Members 2024

Certificate of Currency 2024

Association Liability 2024 

Public Liability Policy 

Personal Accident Policy 

Other Policies and Procedures

PFA Principles and Codes of Behaviour 2020

PFA Umpiring Policy 2020

PFA Coaching Policy 2024

PFA Selection Policy 2024 (Updated July 2024)

PFA Expenses  Policy (Updated July 2024)

PFA Sun Safety Policy

PFA Survey of Players 2020

PFA Survey of Clubs 2020


Sports Integrity Australia Policies (2022)

Policies regarding Sports Integrity Australia requirements of a National Sporting Organisation (NSO).

To make a Complaint/Report regarding any of the following policies please go to the  MAKE AN INTEGRITY COMPLAINT OR REPORT page

Member Protection Policy

Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy 

Child Safeguarding Policy

Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy

Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy 


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