National Championships 2024

Published Tue 02 Apr 2024

The results of all the events at this year's national Championships in Adelaide at Easter can be found on the Championships page.

For full results see

See facebook for pictures, etc.

Note that the results for all the qualifying rounds for 2024, 2023 and 2022 are available at

Also for Complementaire winners see this link.

Event Open Women's.                         Open 60+  Women's 60+ Juniors
Shooting Keiran Clarke  Chantrae Oum  Chhorn Thou Kerrie Maddern/ Delys Brady Tristan Boisezzon
Singles Bora Nhem Layla Amrizal  Faustino Cardoso Eileen Marie  
Sarunyoo (Sam) Tharerum and Raja Jamal Eddine
Hina Vert and Selina Dally
Sary In and Patrick Dufresne
June Hunter and Rhonda Shears
Raja Jamal Eddine, Sachin (Sai) Teeka and Sarunyoo (Sam) Tharerum
Hina Vert, Selina Dally and Deb Rodda
Pierrot Lubin, Sary In and Patrick Dufresne
Deb Coleman, Valerie Sherlock and Anne Lucas
Mixed Doubles Penelope Lyons and Bora Nhem   Wendy Benson and Ray Drummond    



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